Fire Risk Assessment

Complying with safety legislation is a legal requirement. Not having a fire safety risk assessment could expose your business to legal liabilities and result in invalidated insurance, as well as putting your employees at risk.

As per the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, it is a requirement that one or more ‘responsible persons’ are designated within each workplace to take charge of any and all aspects of fire safety. It is the duty of this competent person to ensure a suitable and efficient fire risk assessment is carried out.

In many smaller to medium sized organisations there may be no one in-house with the necessary training, knowledge and competency to carry out a fire risk assessment. If you fall into this category, Millennium Fire Protection can help.

We can carry out a fire risk assessment that will include the consideration of the following aspects of fire safety in the property.

  • Sources of ignition/fuel/oxygen
  • Persons at risk
  • Fire detection and warning systems
  • Means of escape
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Fire training and procedures
  • Maintenance of equipment and systems
  • Provision of an emergency plan

The final fire risk assessment will be produced as a hard copy and electronic format.

To see how Millennium Fire Protection can help reduce your liability and give you peace of mind with fire risk assessments, call us today. We operate throughout Harrow, Ealing, Watford and all of the surrounding boroughs, towns and counties.